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October 29 & 30 ALT Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Saturday, October 29th

9:15 Short Block 1The Sunken Convent, Kumal, Rats, Hypogeum, Polterheist, Narcissus (Room 1)
9:15  GOOD TIDINGS by Stu Jopia (Room 3)
9:30 Short Block 2REVILED Episode 2, Out of My Skin, The Stylist, Watch Your Back, Infirmity, Le Mal en Moi (Room 2)
11:00 Short Block 3Still, Mr.Dentonn, What Do You See, Retribution, Sticks, The Eve, Mouth (Room 1)
11:15  HARVEST LAKE by Scott Schirmer (Room 2)
11:30  Ghastlies by Brett Kelly (Room 3)
12:45 Panel: Women in Horror  (Room 1)
13:00 Les Oubliettes  (Room 2)
13:30 La Cage by Alain Vezina (Room 3)
14:15 Short Block 4Kitsune, Catch and Release, Captured, Death Barrel, Bad Acid, Happy Birthday Suzie (Room 1)
14:15  IDYLL by Jure Gorjanec (Room 2)
15:15 LILITH’S AWAKENING by Monica Demes (Room 3)
16:00 Short Block 5SAVE, Killer Friends, The Peripheral, Night of the Slasher, Portal to Hell!!!, Monsters, The Bridge Partner, Sweet Hollow (Room 1)
16:00 NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE directed by Jonathan Straiton (Room 2)
17:00  AGORAPHOBIA by Lou Simon (Room 3)
18:00 Blood Hunters by Tricia Lee (Room 1)
18:00  NIGHT CRIES by Andrew Cymek (Room 2)
Short Block 6Defarious  Canvas, Never Tear Us Apart, Innsmouth, Mizbrük, Candy Skin, The Babysitte, Crimson Dance, Cauchemar capitonné, Hatred Toxic, A Quiet Moment  (Room 3)
19:45  The Barn by Justin M. Seaman (Room 1)
20:00 Nocturne by Stephen Shimek (Room 2)
21:00 FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS by James Bickert (Room 1)
21:45 Camp Killer by Shawn Jones

 Sunday, October 30th

10:15 MANIA by Jessica Cameron (Room 2)
10:45 Director’s Cut by Adam Rifkin (Room 1)
11:00 The Perfect Husband by Lucas Pavetto (Room 3)
12:00  In April by  Carlo Bruno (Room 2)
12:30 Krampus 2 : The Devil Return by Jason Hull (Room 1)
12:45 Panel : The Evil Dead with Ellen Sandweiss, Theresa Tilly, Betsy Baker, Hal Delrich (Room 3)
14:00 THE DARK TAPES by Michael McQuown(Room 3)
14:15 Short Block 7There’s Someone in Your Room, O Christmas Tree, No Regrets, She Did Not Die Long Ago, R/Horror, Werewolf’s Greatest Hit, Synesthesia, Awakenings, The Night Circus, Silently Within Your Shadow,  Peur Chronique : Priez pour Nous (Room 1)
14:15 Secret Santa by Mike McMurran (Room 2)
16:00 Volume of Blood II (Room 1)
16:00 PEELERS by Sevé Schelenz (Room 2)
16:15 The Shelter by John Fallon (Room 3)