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Samedi 16 septembre, Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown-Hotel Europa, 1240 Drummond St, Montreal, QC H3G 1V7



More guest to be annonce soon…


brettkellyBrett Kelly  has had “an almost Roger Corman-esque career in Canada” (bloodsprayer. com) and has directed over 25 features, unprecedented for Canadian film makers. He has been called “Canada’s Duke of Doom” (Penny Blood Magazine) and “Canada’s Baron of Blood” (CBC- radio) for his horror films. Brett has directed the recently released “My Fair Zombie” , “Homicycle” and more.



svbellSv Bell, Quebec champion of the horror film in all its forms, a director who, rather than complain about lack of funds, takes action and offers each year an eccentric gem made with minimal means. His passion and resourcefulness more than make up for the low production costs and he always end up with something far more entertaining than many big-budget films. Bell doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but he knows the conventions of the horror film and applies them with a competence that is equaled by his love of the genre. He always inserts the right dose of twisted situations, supernatural and grotesque, giving the public what it wants without resorting to cliché’d exaggerations.