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Samedi 16 septembre, Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown-Hotel Europa, 1240 Drummond St, Montreal, QC H3G 1V7

Short Films Block #2

Short Films Block #2

Saturday, October 29th, 9:30am, Room 2


reviled_yellow_poster_copyREVILED EPISODE 2: Second installment in the journey of a man and his dead daughter as they descend deeper into the underground world of zombie vs. zombie pit fighting. His only chance to save her is to fight her, but how do you save your daughter if she’s already dead?



out-of-my-skinOUT OF MY SKIN: his new micro-short by underground horror filmmaker Nadine L’Esperance sees a young mother going to horrifying (and darkly humorous) extremes in her quest for a little leisure time before her screaming kids and deadbeat husband literally make her crawl out of her skin.



thestylist_poster_02THE STYLIST: Claire is a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality. When her final client of the evening arrives with the request to look perfect, Claire has plans of her own.




watch_your_back_posterWATCH YOUR BACK: While helping a sick friend, two black teens find themselves harassed by the police as a citywide zombie outbreak begins.